This year March, we visit China. With our Chinese friends we have seen many beautiful places in China. This first gallerie is about Beiijng. Here we visited

The Great Wall at Ba Da Ling

The Great Wall, which stretches 6000km from the Gobi Desert in the West to the crashing waves and rocks of Shanhaiguan in the East, is one of the seven wonders of the medieval world.

The Summer Palace

A former royal garden with more then 200 years of history, with temples, lakes and walkways
The park is dominated by Kunmíng Hú (Kunming Lake, which covers ¾ of the park’s area) and Wànshòu Shan (Longevity Hill). Both the lake and the hill are manmade. Kunming Lake was previously a reservoir which had been used to irrigate the surrounding countryside for millennia. It is used for ice skating in winter.

The Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs are located about 30 miles northwest of Beijing at the foot of the Tianshou Mountains. Located here are the tombs of 13 of the 17 Ming Dynasty emperors. Dragon Hill lies to the east and Crouching Tiger Hill to the west. The first emperor to be buried here was Yongle who died in 1424. His tomb, Chang Ling, and that of Emperor Zhu Yijun, Ding Ling, who died in 1620, are the only two opened to visitors today.