Nizbor glassworks (actually RÜCKL CRISTAL a.s.) a Bohemian glass factory situated in the village called Nizbor, about 7 km west from the city of Beroun, Czech Republic. The glass factory produces 24% lead crystal. Major part of its production is focused on export. Some production stays on the market in the Czech Republic.

The company was founded in 1903 by Antonín Rückl, a member of a glass-maker family. In 1945, after the World War II, the company was nationalised and in 1965 it was included in the holding called Bohemian Glassworks. After the Velvet revolution Antonín Rückl, great-grandson of J. Rückl, retrieved the company back to the hands of Rückl family. Nowadays Nizbor glassworks produce Czech crystal known formerly as Bohemian crystal, such as other small glassworks spread all around the country. Part of the factory is open to visitors, where the guides describe the process of crystal making. The company also produces the glass prize for Czech Lion awards.