Yandang Mountain

Mount Yan Dang is a world geopark located in Leqing County in the southeast of Wenzhou City. ‘Yan’ refers to ‘wild gooses’ and ‘Dang’ means ‘undulating’ in Chinese. On the top of the mountain, there is a lake surrounded with reeds, seemingly undulating in the tidal-like breeze. The wild gooses that fly back from the north to avoid cold winter often stay in the dense reeds thicket, giving the name of the mountain ‘Yan Dang’.

Due to the frequent volcanic eruptions in ancient times, peculiar cliffs, rocks, caves and mountain peaks were formed, making the mountain a comprehensive geographic museum. Mount Yan Dang boasts of strange peaks, ‘flying’ waterfalls, solitary caves and deep valleys. The night scenery of Lingfeng peak and the swift cross between two peaks in the Lingyan cave areas are worth mentioning and are especially breath-taking to usually awe-struck tourists.

When evening descends, the Lingfeng peaks appear to strike various poses under the moonlight. The two standing peaks closely resemble lovers kissing while the peak nearby is vividly like a cheeky cowboy watching them stealthily. Another peak evokes an image of an old woman who is so shy to see the lovers that she turns her head back. There are many other strange peaks posturing mysterious shapes, leaving you to imagine as most as you can.